Ok for real, somebody grab these before I cave and take a second one, which would be insanity.

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4 Prompts Left!
Author Claims are opened to EVERYONE, but PLEASE when you fill out the claims form give me your username as well as your email address.

Art Prompts
Author Claims Form

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Claims now OPEN to the Public
Hey guys, we still have 11 more prompts.

I am now opening claims up to the public. If you haven’t signed up for this bang, but would like to claim a piece, when you fill out the Claim Form, please leave your usernames and your email.
Art Title: You Are the Wilderness
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] saintsammy

Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3k
Warnings: Strong language and sexual situations, mild spoilers for S11e03

Summary: Sam wandered through an ominous forest, a magical lantern his only guide. Things to do: find his brother, find a way out. (Episode tag for S11e03, “The Bad Seed.” Canon divergent.)

Fic Link: AO3
Art Link: Tumblr
(Please go leave saintsammy all the love!)

Author's notes: A million thanks to saintsammy for the gorgeous and inspirational artwork, and the ever-flawless crowroad for the beta. (This one really kicked my butt, y'all. Thank you for sticking with me!)

This morning was my first reverse bang claim experience. I may have looked a little something like:

But I miraculously swung my FIRST CHOICE! So now I'm all like:


This happy dance is also for a bunch of flisties who also got their top choices or their art picked like BOOM!

Can't hardly wait to hear from my artist.

Hello artist! I'm super friendly and only the good kind of weird. Let's do this! :D


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