Fic: Agitation

Mar. 6th, 2017 03:57 pm
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Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: E
Word Count: ~1400
Spoilers: General S12 through e04 "American Nightmare"

Mom left, Sam hit him (kissed him), and Dean can't quit picking the scabs.
Sequel to "Induction," which clocks under 500 words, so read it first, ok? ^_^

On AO3

Note: Shout-outs to Lira_Chimera, bottomdeansheaven, marrieddorks, and [ profile] milly_gal. All y'all conspired to inspire. (NSFW behind links & below cut)
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Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~6k
Warnings: underage, canon-level violence

Tags: pre-series, case fic, s9e07 “Bad Boys,” s2e01 “In My Time of Dying,” s2e03 “Bloodlust,” John POV, Sam POV, hand jobs, blow jobs, semi-public sex, shower sex

Summary: John hated to let Dean think he’d been left to rot, but he could handle a couple of days in a group home. Sammy, though… John couldn’t risk that run-in with the local CPS. If he hauled ass he could drop Sam off at Bobby’s and be back in time for Dean’s arraignment. He’d have to. (Parallels flashbacks from 9x07.)

A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] daemonrose for her stunning creations. And as ever, [ profile] crowroad3, beastest of betas and bestest of besties. All messiness is all mine, for she is flawless.

Fic: on AO3

Artist: [ profile] daemonrose
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Updated to add!
Bonus art (NSFW). Please go show Rose some love.

Pairing: Dean/Sam (SUPER tame)
Rating: T
Word Count: 500
Spoilers: General Season 12, specific S12e03 "The Foundry"

Summary: In the half second or so between his mother’s exit and brother’s flight, Sam gets pissed.

On AO3

A/N: Heeeyyy! How's everybody doing out there? (Also, sorry, y'all. This is apparently my idea of h/c.)

Originally posted at [ profile] spnapo

Prompt: Brotherly love (in its sundry interpretations), April 2.
Form: Erotic prose poem? (Or weird PWP, whatever.)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Words: ~450
A/N: Yes, I’ve been hoarding this prompt. Finally inspired by last night’s airing and the birthday of [ profile] amypond45. *waves* This smut’s for you, love. ;)

Summary: Sam comes looking for comfort in his brother’s bed. Episode tag for “Beyond the Mat.”

On AO3

Originally posted at [ profile] spnapo

Prompt: Record Store Day, April 16: “...the greatest hits of mullet rock.” -Sam Winchester, “Pilot”
Form: Prose poem
Rating: PG
Characters: Sam, Dean, John
Words: 450

Dean made tapes: Clapton and Zeppelin. Dylan and Floyd. Buttered up every mullet or rep-for-cool-parents in every town. Boomboxes, tuned on classic rock. Button-fingers, just in case.

On AO3

(gif credit)

Pairing: Megstiel
Rating: G
Spoilers: Vague, for S7
Prompt: "I don't like poetry. Put up or shut up." -Meg (demon 2.0), "Reading is Fundamental"

come at me with the fine barbed stings of honeybees
flatter me
flutter your meatsuit's midnight blues and
prattle pretty
trace the edge of an ear and


A/N: I've got to call it a night but I may revisit this one.

And goodgoddamn the fills this time! *tugs collar* I love this fandom.

Big, HUGE thanks to [ profile] tebtosca and [ profile] riyku for moderating.

So here’s my stuff. All Wincest. (For I am a one-note song. Still not ashamed.) Links go to AO3.

Bent, NC-17, ~1.7k
Sam fucks Dean while Dean is wearing nothing but John’s old leather jacket. Episode tag for “Shadow.” Leather kink (kinda) and first-time mirror sex.

Long Black Cloud, PG, ~250
“I’d die in your arms if you were dead, too.” -Bush, “Little Things”  Mixed genre, major character death. (Also: adding this to Experimental Fanworks Bingo under Mixed Meda. Kind of a stretch, but... *shrugs*)

Bliss, NC-17, ~1k
Dean fucks Sam over the Bunker kitchen table. Married/domestic role-play, kink negotiation, dirty talk, Sam in a dress.

Out of Sight, NC-17, ~1.3k
Sam really gets off on being in Lizzie Borden’s house. Dean on the other hand is truly horrified by the decor, to the point that he just can’t. Sam has a solution. Episode tag for “Thin Lizzie.” Blindfolding and light bondage.

Insistent, R, ~1.3k
Season 1 Sam makes it his mission to make Dean his. Pre-slash, masturbation.

I'm seeing some other claims pop up on AO3. Kinda stoked to see who's responsible for my favorites. :D

A billion thanks to everyone who prompted, filled, read, and commented. Mega fun, as always! <3

Ficlet: White

Dec. 29th, 2015 05:46 pm
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Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1300
Spoilers: S10e03 “Soul Survivor”
Warnings: Blood, questionable consent, dark-ish

Summary: Kid can’t say you didn’t warn him. What I’m gonna do to you, Sammy… Well, that ain’t gonna be mercy, either.

On AO3

Notes: Canon-divergent from the final act of “Soul Survivor.” Cross-posted to Tubmlr as a gift to stanfordbaby, part of the 12 Days of Wincestmas.

Poem: Worn

Oct. 20th, 2015 06:35 pm
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Word Count: ~100
Spoilers: Vague, early Season 10
Community: [ profile] spnspiration

Summary: Sam looks through Dean's photos.

Read on AO3. (Opens in new window)

Note: Fill for the "Graphic Poetry" square in Experimental Fanworks Bingo.

Behold the card... )

Pairing: Dean & Sam
Rating: PG-13 (for strong language)
Word Count: ~600
Spoilers: Seasons 9/10
Prompter: [ profile] truthwritaslies
Community: [ profile] comment_fic
Prompt: Supernatural, Dean (+ any) Singing along with The Man In Black.

Summary: Case closed, pool hall, wingman Sam

Read on AO3. (Opens in new window)

Notes: Believe in Him is one of Johnny's gospel albums.

FWIW, my first idea involved some cracky hilarity revolving around "Boy Named Sue." It did not want to come together. I wonder if it's gauche to fill the same prompt twice.

Pairing: Cas/Dean and Cas/Meg (implied)
Rating: G
Word Count: <200
Spoilers: Through late Season 7
Community: [ profile] spnspiration

Summary: Castiel waxes poetic, reflecting on the events that brought him here. Set late in Season 7.

Read on AO3. (Opens in new window)

Note: Fill for the "Enjambent" square on my Experimental Fanworks Bingo Card.

Behold the card... )

(I think I might be getting the hang of LJ, kinda sorta.)

Here's my first crack at a comment fill. Angst, Rated G, <500 words, John Winchester POV. Spoilery if you haven't seen Season 9.

Read it on Bite Sized Bits of Fic or AO3.


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