First, flist. Thank you. You've shown me staggering kindness and patience. You are my strength. ♥

This year I liked crossroads boy the best, and Memory Foam was my labor of love. Oh, but Sizzling for porn, and Touch of Rivalry for dick jokes... I'm stopping now.

List under cut.

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Yes, dammit I know what day it is. I am now all done pretending December.

I spent a good chunk of yesterday rolling around in the wonderful [ profile] spn_j2_xmas. Here's some Wincest you may have missed. ;)

Turning the Tables
[ profile] kisahawklin | ~2.5k | NC-17
Sam turns the tables on his brother, who turns them right back.

A Family Affair
[ profile] frozen_delight | ~3k | PG-13
After Amara brings her back, Mary struggles to adapt to her new life. Everything feels wrong—above all the unnaturally close relationship between her two sons.

still here I carry my old delicious burdens
[ profile] all_the_damned | ~3.5k | NC-17
There’s a road through hell. Or maybe it’s topside. Dean can’t tell the difference sometimes.

A Very Supernatural Christmas Carol
[ profile] wetsammy | 8k | PG-13
Sam and Dean return to the Bunker together to iron things out after Gadreel is expelled. Sam wants to celebrate Christmas to help bridge the distance, but Dean only has eyes for hunting Abaddon. After Sam storms out, Dean is visited by four ghosts from his past. Of course, it all goes wrong before it goes right.

aka the one in which Dean is Scrooge, Sam is not Tiny Tim, and Bobby is not impressed by the Bunker

[ profile] runedgirl | ~5k | NC-17
For the prompt: F*ck or die, anywhere, anyhow. They knew the risk when they went after the thing. (prostitution)

[ profile] themegalosaurus | ~1k | PG-13
Just a morning in a diner

Spring Will Come Again
[ profile] buticankarriyou | ~2.5k | PG-13
After Cold Oak, the Winchester’s take a break and enjoy Dean’s last year. (temporary canon compliant character death)

Voices wake us, and we drown
[ profile] oddishly | ~5.5k | NC-17
Something’s following. (dubious consent of the fuck-or-die variety)

The Problem of Other Minds
[ profile] rivkat | ~9k | NC-17
Being persuasive is a terrible superpower. (panty kink; mention of mind control but none consciously involved with sex)
a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law;
a lawless person or fugitive;
one that is unconventional or rebellious;
an animal (as a horse) that is wild and unmanageable;

a subgenre of music fusing country, rock, and folk sounds

I’m No Stranger to the Rain - Keith Whitley
Check Out Time - Yonder Mountain String Band
Return of the Grievous Angel - Ryan Adams & Gillian Welch
We Belong - Pat Benatar
Listen My Son - The Unseen Guest
It Takes One to Know Me - Johnny Cash
Make Me Cry - Concrete Blonde
A Little Fire - Parker Millsap

Gift for @thep0rnfairy​, who requested music recs. I’d have never tried this otherwise. Glad she prodded me. ^_^

Credits! Pretty sure I owe [ profile] amberdreams for The Unseen Guest. One of the fine Women of Letters at [ profile] spn_bunker, for sure; [ profile] crowroad3 must’ve turned me onto Parker Millsap.

Spotify list

You may notice “Return of the Grievous Angel” is missing from Spotify. It is worth your time to use this link and grab the Adams/Welch cover from YouTube. (“Make Me Cry” acoustic is also superior. I love live jams.)

Art presents!

Jan. 12th, 2017 09:26 am
laughablelament: (Lil treetopper)
Oh, you bet I'm dragging this out. Since I'm not even done with my gift fics, I'm just pretending it's still totally Christmas.

I think [ profile] milly_gal gave me the glorious banner you see above for my birthday? Last Christmas? Either way I can't find where I ever properly thanked you, so... *hugs and squishes*

And from [ profile] saintsammy (a.k.a saintedsam), domestic!Dean in the dead guy robe. (Click for the full image on her Tumblr.)

Botha you:

Ah who cares. Join me around the tree and share in some late holiday blessings.

Caution for Wincest and smut... What blog you been reading? ;)

Presents for me, 2016

The Frost Killing Hour by gaialux (aka [ profile] jalu2)
From [ profile] spn_j2_xmas, achy-sweet and hottttt! Samulet fix-it plus power games... *dead*

Promises to Break, Promises to Keep by Nisaki (aka [ profile] swan_song21)
Acutally this is but one of a dozen spectacular Wincestmas gifts from nisaki-chan. Fic and art, okay? Santa was sooo good to me. :D See the whole collection here!

*pause while grandma wanders off topic.* Some cosmological wrinkle gave me the privilege of writing for swan_song21 in spn-j2-xmas. Yup. And then she spoiled me rotten on Tumblr for 12 Days. (And you sat on that secret for weeks!) I can't even fathom the odds, still grinning about it.


Luke & John by [ profile] crowroad3
Here's some gen! ^_^ Y'all got to keep your eye on this one. She gonna conjure somethin one-a these days. Here, Mary gets a Christmas visit(ation). Shivers and sobs, but look. It's crowroad3.

Kill the Lights by [ profile] kalliel
Mostly gen (hints of Destiel and Megstiel). I think this originated in [ profile] spn_bunker. Blessed indulgence of laughable's Meg-is-alive headcanon.

All the love and gratitude! Humbled by your talent and generosity. ♥
Pairing/Characters: Dean/Sam, and a cast of thousands
Word count: ~6k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Past underage (if you're into that), canon-level violence, brief torture
Summary: AU after 11x19. Sam and Dean decide to pledge their souls to one another before the big duel with the Darkness. Nothing fancy, just a couple of friends and a Kansas courthouse. What could possibly go weird?

A/N: Dear [ profile] swan_song21, Thank you for the most delicious prompt! I hope this shameless wish fulfillment is some of what you fancied. Merry everything! ~_^ Also, let us thank the mighty beta [ profile] crowroad3, for saving a chunk of smut from the dustbin. All messiness is all mine.

On AO3

Moose!Sam is the cuuuuutest! But I like our favorite li’l tree-topper to watch over us this year.

Credit to archervale on DeviantArt
This is a thing, apparently. And far be it from me to ignore important LJ traditions. ;)

Hmmm... What to say? *opens five tabs with y'all's wrap-ups*

Word count: 78,950 (whoa, really?)

My favorite things:
As far as my own stuff, I'm immodestly fond of Drummer Girl and Ashes, Embers. But I was a poet first, so, no big shock. Got a soft spot for The Outlaw Torn. You never get over your first, ha.

I'm terrible at remembering/bookmarking things, but real talk: If you're reading this, you've cooked up something in the past 8 months that I liked enough to pester you. Much love from the local space cadet. (Next few days I'll dig through my memories, history, and bookmarks. Y'all deserve better than this.)

A few acknowledgments: Many thanks to [ profile] whirlpoolsleep for the Christmas fic, and also [ profile] saintsammy for the lovely Christmas artwork. To [ profile] herminekurotowa, who took a chance on me in a fanworks auction. And of course [ profile] crowroad3, faithful and merciless beta, sounding board, deep thought generator, and all around light in my world.

Complete list under the cut...

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Happy new year, friends! Peace and prosperity to you. ♥

A fic for me! *swoons*

And it's so good, too. This is me, being spoiled completely rotten.

Originally posted by [ profile] crowroad3 at 2000 Miles

Characters: Dean, Sam, Baby
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Word Count: 100
Cross-posted: written for the Big Pretzel Holiday Drabble Challenge
Summary: miles and years

Title from The Pretenders

This one's for [ profile] laughablelament and "Drummer Girl". Happy happy holidays my friend!

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Okay Christmas kicked my butt, and I didn't even do anything.

Well that's not entirely true. I wrote 'til I gave myself keyboard calluses, haha. Big Pretzel's drabble challenge was a hoot and a holler. (Team Carolers FTW! \o/) I also did a 12 Days of Wincestmas thing on Tumblr. Which? A little stressful. Actually porned myself out, which I didn't even know was a thing.

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If y'all aren't following the [ profile] spn_bigpretzel Holiday Drabble Challenge, you're missing out. I've been sitting here with a big old face-hurting grin all week!

Come on over. I'll bring the eggnog. And the whiskey. Because screw eggnog. ;)


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