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For now, this blog is on semi-hiatus.

If there's stuff you think I'd like to see--especially your wonderful fic and art and recs and such--please comment here, or ping me some way. If it's in my email, I can come back to it! ^_^ Lord knows when that will be, but I'll be stoked to have a stash.

I got up and don't have to write a poem and that's... shockingly sad.

Poetry has been with me pretty much always, but I never tried a full-throttle 30/30 before. And yeah, this month comes with the expectation that everything will be unpolished, and some things will suck. Still, I didn't expect to feel so exposed.

And yet.

Every time I was this close to giving up, one of you came through with motivation, inspiration, kind words, surprise 'likes'... Thank you. I doubt you've imagined how much that's meant to me.

I will forget people if I try to list everything. However, these fine friends offered up prompts, and for that I am grateful. [personal profile] frozen_delight , saintedsam, nisaki-chan, [personal profile] madebyme_x , and caffeinechesters: You all deserve better; thank you for being good sports. My apologies to [personal profile] jay128 and [personal profile] crowroad for failing your prompts. (Note to self: you suck at songfic.) And speaking of my girl crow, big ups to you and [personal profile] z_publicizes . Y'all make me feel way less ridiculous.

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Thanks again fam. Y'all really showed up for me and you didn't have to. Laying up treasures in Heaven, that. ♥

I was thinking about this on the back of a discussion over at [ profile] kalliel's page. She asked (and I'm paraphrasing): How do you revise something when it's flat-out boring? My answer to this always runs along the lines of, just start deleting. Mercilessly. Sometimes I still have a story left when I'm done, haha.

Anyway that got me thinking about a creative writing teacher I knew in college. He liked to talk about pre-writing, writing, and editing. Probably worth mentioning the phases are more conceptual than chronological; most of us drift back and forth among them, you know? Anyway, the idea was that most writers favor one phase above the others, and a practical way to get better is to figure out which phase is weakest, and focus your energy there.

For example, I'm terrible about giving short shrift to pre-writing. (Behold why I almost never write AU.) Then I spend eons editing. I call this approach, "Barf it all out there and fix it later." Ha. And, when I realize I need to go back and pre-write, uh-oh... *looks at my poor stuffed WIP folder*

Oh but I love the editing. Feels like winning. Getting that bland-ass expository dialogue into a shape that a human might recognize as natural speech? Fuck yeah. Cleaning up action. Creating rhythms.

I think I was going somewhere with this post when I started it... >_>

How about y'all? What do you think about the phases? Useful? Dumb? Who are my pre-writers out there? How do y'all stay motivated, not get bogged down in backstory? What happens when your characters just. will not. follow the outline? Any other thoughts?

The Pits

Apr. 23rd, 2016 12:36 am
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Damn I'd like to fill the Big Pretzel “laughter” prompt but I got nothing. I mean, seriously? Most times I’m pissed I can’t get Dean to stop cracking jokes and now my brain’s all. “Nope. No funny for you.”

You guys...

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:12 am
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Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes.

It was a busy one (Tuesdays are my loooong workday this semster) but nice, and today I'm being lazy and catching up with people.

I feel kind of bad about disappearing for what -- six weeks thereabouts? It's a terrible habit, rude in this social media world. If it's any comfort I do this shit on Facebook and Twitter too. (Crap I don't think I've tweeted in like a year. Haha.)

Tell me what's up with you. :D

Generally speaking, the stuff I like better is listed at the top of each sub-category. For whatever that’s worth. What I like doesn’t really track with what's popular, so...

Anyway, despite the chaos, I think this is better than trying to comb through my AO3. Feedback is both welcome and appreciated, on fics of course, but also on this page. Baby’s first try, and all.

Dirty Wincest

The Outlaw Torn (E, 4164 words)
It's a sickness. He's clear on that.

Thy Brother's Blood Cries Out (E, 3488 words)
Canon divergent, follows Dark Dynasty

Kink Meme
We Belong (E, 7370 words)
Age-swap AU, re-imagines the Pilot.

Tumblr Wincestmas
Pit Stop (E, 1016 words)
Just smut, featuring bossy Sam.

White (E, 1362 words)
Canon divergent from the third act of Soul Survivor. Demon Dean torments his brother.

Hush (E, 322 words)
Dead Man's Blood deleted scene. Breathplay and slight bloodplay.

Sap (E, 157 words)
Dean, on awesome sex.

From the Ashes (M, 1194 words)
Sam gets hurt on a hunt. Dean takes care of him

Power of Soul (E, 4478 words)
“Find the one, Sam Winchester, and save your brother’s life.”

Sticky Fingers (E, 740 words)
I forgot Sam was the one who likes PB&Banana.

Midnight at the Majestic Series
Featuring Sam as Dr. Frankenfurter and Dean as Eddie.
Spaced Out on Sensation (T, 356 words)
An Itch To Scratch (E, 1424 words)


Wincest Big Bang
Daybreaker (E, 7992 words)
Case fic, experimental style.

Tumblr Wincestmas
Sugar and Spice (E, 508 words)
Blow jobs and candy.

Big Pretzel DEW Challenge
Physical Science (T, 100 words)
Sams gonna ace freshman year.


SPN-J2 Christmas
He That Believeth (M, 6362 words)
Case fic, implied past Wincest, religious themes.

SPN Bunker
Morning Shift (T, 101 words)
Dean gets breakfast and the waitress’s attention.

Tumblr Wincestmas
It’s the Thought That Counts (T, 401 words)
Dean tries to suprise Sam for Christmas.

Sun King (M, 74 words)
Season 8, Sam takes comfort in ritual.

Starved (T, 476 words)
Getting something decent to eat might be the least of Sam's problems.

Sam & Dean Gen

Ashes, Embers (Sam, G)
Reflections on near-destruction.

Fixation (Dean, T)
Character study.

Worn (Sam, T)
Graphic poem for Soul Survivor.

Comment Fics
West of Omaha (T, 500 words)
Sam's cursed and Dean's cursing.

Death Doesn’t Always Mean Goodbye (G, 460 words)
Sometimes John still sees his boys.

Believe in Him (T, 594 words)
Sam watches Dean's back during a hustle.

Blue (T, 514 words)
Dean's first run-in with the fae folk.

Selfless (G, 198 words)
How to make Dean Winchester smile.

Tumblr Wincestmas
Castle Winchester (G, 989 words)
Weechesters, and a semi-normal Christmas Eve.

Payback (T, 140 words)
Deleted scene from Yellow Fever. Sam comforts his brother.

Rewind (G, 90 words)
Sam? Sammy, wake up.” Experimental.

Home for the Holidays (Smith/Wesson, T, 531 words)
Sandover's annual Christmas party.

Big Pretzel DEW Challenge
Rhapsody in Chrome (Sam, G)
Sam gains a whole new apprecation for Baby.

Big Pretzel Christmas Drabbles
Socks, Jocks, and Chocolates (T)
Discovered in Dean’s wastebasket, December 2015.

Drummer Girl (G)
A Winchester Christmas Carol. Spoken word poem.

Winter Wonderland (T)
On a cold day in Hell... Crackfic AU

Let it Snow (G)
Weechesters. North Georgia snowstorm meets Dean's ingenuity.

Look at Frosty Go (G)
Bobby follows John’s orders.

A Christmas Miracle (Shotgun Picks the Music) (T)
Hes going along with this Christmas mixtape shit, but...

Overture (T)
Always read the fine print.

O Tannenbaum (G)
Dean gets in the Christmas spirit.

Other Characters & Pairings

Rogues (J2, E, ~21k words)
High seas romantic adventure!

You Watch the Bees (Cas, G, 188 words)
Penitence. Season 7. Poem.

Comment Fics
Red Oak (Sam/Jess, G, 1004 words)
It's not closure, exactly...

Call to Corruption (Dean/Crowley, E, 600 words)
He scribbled a note and drove into the night.

Illusions (Dean/Benny, T, 100 words)
Benny prefers not to ask too many questions.

Kink Meme
Little Miss Innocent (Dean/Donna, E, 2869 words)
Dean/Donna/donuts. That's pretty much it.

Big Pretzel DEW Challenge
Who’ll Have Mercy on Your Soul (Charlie, G)
Post-S10 headcanon

The Boy Can’t Help It (French Mistake J2, T)
What has Jared just woken up to?

The Weight (Donna, G)
Ain’t nobody got time for douchebag exes.

Balls (Bobby, G)
House arrest in Heaven

Castiel and His TV Spell (Cas, G)
Apologies to Shel Silverstein... Crackpoem

Woods Witch (Dean, Sam, OC, T)
Don't fuck with the cook, Dean.

Big Pretzel Christmas Drabbles
C’est Christmeusse (Dean & Benny, G)
Im not sentimental. You’re sentimental.

Thys Endris Nyghth (Don & Maggie, G)
When witches try Wicca...

The True Spirit of Christmas (Ghostfacers, G)
Ed drops the research ball. Harry makes him suffer.

In Thy Dark Streets Shineth (Dean, Ben, & Lisa, G)
Dean always said, if you're gonna go, go big.

Simple Gifts (Bobby, G)
Bobby Singer, drunk and menace, hosts a Christmas party.

Merry Axemas (Ash, G)
Happy Headbanging!

Evergreen (Claire, Alex, & Jody, M)
Lighting up trees, Snoop Dogg style.

Kissing Santa Claus (John/Mary, G)
Pregnant Mary makes holiday plans.

From the Realms of Glory (G, Gabriel)
Kali sure took her sweet time, cooking up that spell.

SMPC Porn Pile
Devil With a Pink Dress (Sam/Rachel/Original demon, E, 2376 words)
Yellow Eyes wouldn't send just any demon to collect Sam's virginity.

Other Fandoms

Doctor Who? (G, 100 words)
Back to the Future x SPN crossover
Castiel meets the oddest human.

The Willow and the Oak (G, 364 words)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Giles’s secret is safe with Willow.

This One Time, on Shore Leave... (G, 579 words)
Star Trek DS9 x TNG crossover
Riker, LaForge, and Dax walk into Quark’s.

Wow that's a lot of links! O.o

(If you find any screwups here, let me know, huh? Thanks, dolls! ♥)

This is a thing, apparently. And far be it from me to ignore important LJ traditions. ;)

Hmmm... What to say? *opens five tabs with y'all's wrap-ups*

Word count: 78,950 (whoa, really?)

My favorite things:
As far as my own stuff, I'm immodestly fond of Drummer Girl and Ashes, Embers. But I was a poet first, so, no big shock. Got a soft spot for The Outlaw Torn. You never get over your first, ha.

I'm terrible at remembering/bookmarking things, but real talk: If you're reading this, you've cooked up something in the past 8 months that I liked enough to pester you. Much love from the local space cadet. (Next few days I'll dig through my memories, history, and bookmarks. Y'all deserve better than this.)

A few acknowledgments: Many thanks to [ profile] whirlpoolsleep for the Christmas fic, and also [ profile] saintsammy for the lovely Christmas artwork. To [ profile] herminekurotowa, who took a chance on me in a fanworks auction. And of course [ profile] crowroad3, faithful and merciless beta, sounding board, deep thought generator, and all around light in my world.

Complete list under the cut...

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Happy new year, friends! Peace and prosperity to you. ♥

Okay Christmas kicked my butt, and I didn't even do anything.

Well that's not entirely true. I wrote 'til I gave myself keyboard calluses, haha. Big Pretzel's drabble challenge was a hoot and a holler. (Team Carolers FTW! \o/) I also did a 12 Days of Wincestmas thing on Tumblr. Which? A little stressful. Actually porned myself out, which I didn't even know was a thing.

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Oct. 12th, 2015 01:35 pm
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Once in a while, for various reasons, I put myself on social media lockdown. This time it was the preponderance of promos and spoilers for 11.01, not into that and it got a bit impossible to avoid. That, and life got nutty, but here I am!

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What are y'all up to? Got NaNo plans? How's life/family/friends/writing treating you?

Swiped from [ profile] reeby10 & [ profile] lotrspnfangirl

I currently have 20 works archived at AO3. Pick a number from 1 (the most recent) to 20 (the first thing I posted there), and I'll tell you three things I currently like or three random tidbits about it.

Only 20? Yeah I know, but I've only been posting fanfics since April. So that's not so bad, huh?

The BB is set ehhh, more or less in a part of the USA where I used to live. Been on walkabout in those parts and took some pictures for inspiration.

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I STILL HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK. And it's the porny part. WTAF? Stupid boys, tryin to be all like, "no, Laugh," (they call me Laugh in my head, not really), "we don't wanna take our clothes off and get sweaty." Grr...

So let's see if this gets any responses. Something's gotta shake me loose.

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Welp, today marks exactly one month since I posted The Outlaw Torn, and thus surrendered my public fanfic cherry.

When I was learning to be a poet, I used to have to write these periodic reflections. Since the point of this thing is to exercise my prose muscles, here I go:

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The Best Part

8. The people in this fandom do magic. I've read thousands of words of sweet, scary, steamy, spectacular stuff. (Apologies for abominable abuse of alliteration. I'll stop now.) Artwork that took my breath away. Vids that made my sides hurt from laughing. It's like, I knew this stuff existed, but I didn't know. And what an idiot I've been.

More than that, though, was the thing I didn't know existed, and that's the heart in this community. The Love Meme, holy shit I wasn't ready for how awesome that was. The kind comments. The warm and welcoming reception y'all have given me, when I'm clearly the fuzzy-headed new kid who bought an elevator pass for the one-story building.

Thank you, friends. So much. For everything.


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