Anybody want to throw a girl a prompt? C'mon... Just one little comment. Or a bunch. Hell you can be anonymous if you want. ;)

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It’s almost time for National Poetry Writing Month!

This year, we thought we’d shirk our responsibilities engage this community in the search for daily prompts. Just about anything goes, but here are some ideas:
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I'll be expecting The Doctor for dinner...

Better add fish fingers and custard to the menu!

#cheesecakefail #fangirlwin

I had a good day going. Great discussions in classes this morning. Succesful solo grocery run (during noon rush, which is a feat for me because crowds freak me out). First sunny day since Halloween, I shit you not. Cruising with the music up and windows down, life is good.

And then... (cue dramatic music)

Full-on busted my ass trying to carry the groceries inside the house. Ankle sprain, massive bruise, public humiliation.

Bright side?

There were no eggs. Some slightly bruised produce, okay, but the jar of honey didn't break so phew!

Ice, elevation, compression, NSAIDs. Because giant klutz = extensive experience in first aid for sprains. Not even hurting too bad at this point. Just gotta be careful with the whole walking thing. Can't take corners too quick.

And now all the housework chores I've been putting off will stay put off for another few days.

Hello, LJ! I'll be dicking around here more than I'd planned to this week.

In other good news my bestie sent me a speech team alumni t-shirt, just because he loves me! And I've swapped first messages with my RBB artist. Super stoked. So suck it, sprained ankle.


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