Fic: Agitation

Mar. 6th, 2017 03:57 pm
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Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: E
Word Count: ~1400
Spoilers: General S12 through e04 "American Nightmare"

Mom left, Sam hit him (kissed him), and Dean can't quit picking the scabs.
Sequel to "Induction," which clocks under 500 words, so read it first, ok? ^_^

On AO3

Note: Shout-outs to Lira_Chimera, bottomdeansheaven, marrieddorks, and [ profile] milly_gal. All y'all conspired to inspire. (NSFW behind links & below cut)
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Pairing/Characters: Dean/Sam, and a cast of thousands
Word count: ~6k
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Past underage (if you're into that), canon-level violence, brief torture
Summary: AU after 11x19. Sam and Dean decide to pledge their souls to one another before the big duel with the Darkness. Nothing fancy, just a couple of friends and a Kansas courthouse. What could possibly go weird?

A/N: Dear [ profile] swan_song21, Thank you for the most delicious prompt! I hope this shameless wish fulfillment is some of what you fancied. Merry everything! ~_^ Also, let us thank the mighty beta [ profile] crowroad3, for saving a chunk of smut from the dustbin. All messiness is all mine.

On AO3

Rating: Explicit
Word Count: ~6k
Warnings: underage, canon-level violence

Tags: pre-series, case fic, s9e07 “Bad Boys,” s2e01 “In My Time of Dying,” s2e03 “Bloodlust,” John POV, Sam POV, hand jobs, blow jobs, semi-public sex, shower sex

Summary: John hated to let Dean think he’d been left to rot, but he could handle a couple of days in a group home. Sammy, though… John couldn’t risk that run-in with the local CPS. If he hauled ass he could drop Sam off at Bobby’s and be back in time for Dean’s arraignment. He’d have to. (Parallels flashbacks from 9x07.)

A/N: Many thanks to [ profile] daemonrose for her stunning creations. And as ever, [ profile] crowroad3, beastest of betas and bestest of besties. All messiness is all mine, for she is flawless.

Fic: on AO3

Artist: [ profile] daemonrose
AO3 | Tumblr | Twitter

Updated to add!
Bonus art (NSFW). Please go show Rose some love.

Pairing: Jody/Sam
Rating: M
Words: ~2k
Summary: “Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them.” -Roy ‘Tin Cup’ McAvoy

For the [ profile] fandomhits prompt: “Cold” by Crossfade (2004)

On AO3

Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3k
Prompt: At spnkink-meme

They were roped at the wrists, dangling from the same—meathook, probably. Dean’s toes scraped the floor. Every move triggered (he coughed) intimate contact and, Goddamn, Sammy. Little excited there? “We gotta get outta here.”

On AO3

And goodgoddamn the fills this time! *tugs collar* I love this fandom.

Big, HUGE thanks to [ profile] tebtosca and [ profile] riyku for moderating.

So here’s my stuff. All Wincest. (For I am a one-note song. Still not ashamed.) Links go to AO3.

Bent, NC-17, ~1.7k
Sam fucks Dean while Dean is wearing nothing but John’s old leather jacket. Episode tag for “Shadow.” Leather kink (kinda) and first-time mirror sex.

Long Black Cloud, PG, ~250
“I’d die in your arms if you were dead, too.” -Bush, “Little Things”  Mixed genre, major character death. (Also: adding this to Experimental Fanworks Bingo under Mixed Meda. Kind of a stretch, but... *shrugs*)

Bliss, NC-17, ~1k
Dean fucks Sam over the Bunker kitchen table. Married/domestic role-play, kink negotiation, dirty talk, Sam in a dress.

Out of Sight, NC-17, ~1.3k
Sam really gets off on being in Lizzie Borden’s house. Dean on the other hand is truly horrified by the decor, to the point that he just can’t. Sam has a solution. Episode tag for “Thin Lizzie.” Blindfolding and light bondage.

Insistent, R, ~1.3k
Season 1 Sam makes it his mission to make Dean his. Pre-slash, masturbation.

I'm seeing some other claims pop up on AO3. Kinda stoked to see who's responsible for my favorites. :D

A billion thanks to everyone who prompted, filled, read, and commented. Mega fun, as always! <3

Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: M (language, recreational marijuana)
Word Count: <2k
Spoilers: Through S11e04

Summary: Oregon kicked all their asses. So Dean sets up a stay in Sioux Falls to repair and regroup. (Follows "Baby.")

On AO3 (Opens in new window)

Note: Some of that Wincest-lite I seem to be fond of lately. ;) Thanks to [ profile] crowroad3, as always, for prodding me along.

Art Title: You Are the Wilderness
Artist: [ profile] saintsammy

Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~3k
Warnings: Strong language and sexual situations, mild spoilers for S11e03

Summary: Sam wandered through an ominous forest, a magical lantern his only guide. Things to do: find his brother, find a way out. (Episode tag for S11e03, “The Bad Seed.” Canon divergent.)

Fic Link: AO3
Art Link: Tumblr
(Please go leave saintsammy all the love!)

Author's notes: A million thanks to saintsammy for the gorgeous and inspirational artwork, and the ever-flawless crowroad for the beta. (This one really kicked my butt, y'all. Thank you for sticking with me!)

Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Word count: ~6k
Tags/Warnings: Case fic, religious themes, canon-typical violence, UST, implied past Wincest

Summary: A poisoned child. A fringe congregation. A monster of legend. Must be Wednesday.

A/N: A gift to [ profile] steeplechasers for the [ profile] spn_j2_xmas exchange. All hail [ profile] crowroad3, magnificent and merciless beta.

Read on AO3.

Fic: Red Oak

Oct. 31st, 2015 02:25 am
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[ profile] citrusjava is hosting a Halloween prompt meme, and I could not resist.

Pairing: Jess & Sam (Gen)
Rating: PG-13 (mild language)
Word Count: ~1000
Prompter: [ profile] madebyme_x
There's a legend, an urban myth, that if on Halloween you visit a particular place, at a particular time, with a special gift, you will be rewarded with a visit from a lost one, someone who died, but was never forgotten. Sam and/or Dean check it out.

Summary: They say the veil to the other side grows thin on Halloween. They say oak trees hold powerful magic. They say you never get over your first love.

Read on AO3. (Opens in new window)

Note: But wait! First, head over to the meme and leave a prompt. Or fill one. Tricks and treats, I'm willing to bet, are equally welcome. ;)


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